In PIDP 3240 Forum I shared one of my favorite non-projected media tools, which is

“Storytelling” and it has been around for many centuries and used by many cultures.

Aboriginals have many different stories, although there is a common theme based on

honoring life, all animals, plants, and ancestors.  Storytelling is rooted in the earth, and

we are related to all things, including the land, water, sky and life, we are all

connected.  It has been a form of education and through storytelling I learned many

important lessons that have helped me throughout my life and still to this date.

Throughout my vocation and education I have read many books and listened to

lectures, and podcasts, still my grandfather’s stories I will never forget! In the PIDP

3250 course our instructor Bob used “Storytelling” which brought real-life into the

classroom and he also used humor and magic. By sharing stories he not only grabbed

our attention, learner’s listened responsively and he also created a great teaching


This hook brought connection with the instructor and students, which opened the door

to students’ experiences or personal stories in future discussions. Stories can also

open up possibilities and ideas that learners can relate to emotionally and purposely.

Currently storytelling is a great way to start the classroom and I look forward to evolving

as an Instructor using storytelling in the future. I plan to use this as a motivational tool,

to share personal challenges and strategy when introducing new ideas.

“Storytelling may be the oldest form of education. If I can, in some way, help students

relate to what I am teaching, then their learning becomes more personal.” (Retrieved

from http://www.facultyfocus.com/articles/effective-teaching-strategies/power-storytelling-college-classroom/)


Retrieved from http://www.facultyfocus.com/articles/effective-teaching-strategies/power-storytelling-college-classroom/


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